Teacher Mama: POTHOLES! A Game for Practicing Math Facts

POTHOLES! A Game for Practicing Math Facts

  Every town has potholes, but our potholes seem to be really bad. Bad enough that one of our local free papers, searches out the worst of the worst and photographs them for each issue. So our potholes got me thinking about cars and cars got me thinking of driving and somehow these three things got me thinking about a game, more specifically a math game.  So born of these potholes and random thoughts, here is a game for practicing math facts called, Potholes.

What I like about this game is that is it adaptable for all levels. I have created 2 addition versions and one multiplication version. I also included a blank template so you can make your own.  Here is how to play.


  • Print templates (game board and recording sheet)
  • Print out car playing pieces and cut them out
  • Grab a die
To Play:
  • Choose a board (simple addition, slightly more challenging addition or multiplication OR make your own with the blank template)
  • Have each player choose a car with a number on it. This will be his or her playing piece as well as the fact that they will be practicing. For example, if he picks the car with the 8 on it, he will be practicing his 8 facts. It is fine if each player chooses a different number to play.
  • Player One rolls the die and goes that many spaces. He then adds the number on the space and the number on his car and shares his answer. His game mate “checks” his answer and then takes her turn. Wrong answers should simply be corrected and then continue on with the game.
  • Player Two does the same as Player One did and the game continues unti someone reaches STOP.
  • After the game is over, students write the date on their record sheet to show they have practiced adding or multiplying with that number.
If you like this game and would like to purchase a copy to use at home or in your classroom, click the link below:

Pothole Math from Boy Mama Teacher Mama

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Boy Mama Teacher Mama: POTHOLES! A Game for Practicing Math Facts

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