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You may be visiting Boy Mama Teacher Mama because you are a parent, grandparent or teacher of boys. You may have come here in search of new teaching ideas for your child(ren) or students. Or, you may simply have come because something about our name or logo interested you. Whatever brought you, I am happy you are here.

Robert Baden Powell, one of the founding fathers of the Scout movement said simply, “See things from a boy’s point of view.” This is exactly what I do everyday as a mother of two young boys.  From the moment I wake up until I lay down again, I try to see things from my boys’ point of view. I am also a teacher by trade and have taught young children for over 15 years. I am now responsible not only for my students, but for the the two most important students I have ever had– my sons. Our classroom is not limited to four walls of a school building nor does our day end at 3 pm- together we explore the world in which we live and make great discoveries along the way.

I hope that while you are exploring Boy Mama Teacher Mama, you will find something exciting and new that you cannot wait to try with your child or students.  I hope that some of the posts you read here will give you a bit of insight, a new perpective or simply give you an opportunity for reflection.   I hope that you will come back again and again to see what we have to share and perhaps share a little about your discoveries as well.

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13 thoughts on “About Boy Mama Teacher Mama

  1. Can you tell me how to make the spiderman goodie bags? I clicked on the site and it sent me to the wilton site??

    Thanks a bunch

  2. Hi Stephanie, I am a grandparent to twin four- year- old boys and an almost 16- month- old boy.
    Looking forward to reading your blog and applying all the things with my boys!

  3. I found your site because I had listened to a Jim Weiss story on Hanukkah. My daughter and I wanted to learn how to play Dreidel and a search brought us to your page. Thanks for the great directions! Are you of the Jewish faith? We are Catholic but learning about the Jewish faith is important to us, too.

    • Welcome to BMTM! Glad you found us! Hanukkah is a wonderful holiday and celebration. Glad you found our site helpful.

  4. Hi,
    My name is John and I run a education website http://www.edumatters.sg mainly for news and resources in Singapore.
    I have seen some of your articles being shared around and they are indeed very useful write ups. Thumbs up to you and your team!
    Would it be possible for me to publish your articles on my site while giving you backlinks and credits?

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    Thank you,
    R. Clark

  6. I’m stopping by from Cheerios and Latte’s party and am thrilled to have found your blog. I am a boy mom to three active boys before having a daughter, but I still count as a boy mom, right? I will be following you on Google + and FB! I hope you’ll stop by and visit me too.

  7. Hi there,
    just wanted to say that I love your blog. What a fabulous resource you’ve created for both parents and teachers, of which I happen to be both. 🙂
    I find your site so useful and easy to navigate and know that it will be a valuable resource for me for many, many years.
    You’ve done so amazingly in such a short time… I can’t wait to see where you go.
    Debs 🙂

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