Teacher Mama: Addition Facts Practice Pack

Addition Facts Practice Pack

I created this one out of a need. My students need more practice with basic math facts. I wanted to steer away from worksheets so I created this practice pack. I wanted to have something on hand for a quick 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there.  Something that would not take a lot of set up or correcting for that matter.  From this need came this Addition Fact Practice pack. Here is how it works.

The pack comes with a direction page, an addition fact cheat sheet and 11 practice papers.

How to use the addition fact practice pack…

  • Choose the fact group that you want your students or child to practice. For this example, we will use the pages for practicing +5 .  Fact groups are listed in the bottom right hand corner of each paper.
  • Give each child the practice paper for that fact group. I created a packet with all 11 pages for every child in my class and stapled them together. This way, they can keep the whole packet in their workbox and pull it out when needed.
  • Locate the +5 column on the addition fact cheat sheet.
  • Read one of the facts for that fact group.  You may begin with the fact 6+5.  Students should figure out the answer (11) and locate the answer on their paper. They can cross off the correct answer, color the square, cover it with a bingo chip or even use a bingo marker. I am going to use a bingo chip so I can reuse the papers. If you laminate the papers, you can use a dry erase marker.
  • Continue until all the facts have been read and answered and all the numbers on the paper have been covered.
Then you can put it away and take it out again to practice another addition page whenever you want!
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After that February 28, 2013 or after the 8 free copies are given away (whichever comes first), the Addition Fact Practice Pack can be found at the following link:
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