Place Value Game for the Classroom

A Place Value Game for the Classroom


Note: Templates have been updated as of November 2016!

This is cool. I am really excited about this game I created. I actually made it last night at 11pm after finishing my student progress reports. I was so wired from all the tea I drank while writing, that I couldn’t sleep.  My first graders are learning about place value right now and I had a vague recollection of a similar game somewhere from my past so I created my own version.

What do you need to play?

  • a group of children
  • cards created from the templates

To prepare:

Print the templates and cut them apart. Each page will become 3 cards. DO NOT cut along the vertical line, only the horizontal.


  • Give each student one card.  This particular game has enough cards for 15 players. I have only 13 students so I gave some students 2 cards.
  • Each card has two parts– an “I have” and a “Who has?”
  • The first player skips the “I have” half and reads the “Who has” part. The person who begins this game, will start with the following card and say, “Who has 50?”
  • The player with 50 on the left side of the card says, “I have 50.” Then asks, “Who has 37?”

  • The player with 37 on the left side of the card says, “I have 37.” Then asks, “Who has 13?”
  • The game continues this way until all cards have been read and all questions asked. The first player should end up being the last player if all goes right.

My students loved this game and we had to play it 3 times.  I am currently working on another version of this game that uses 100s as well.  Stay tuned for that one!

Interested in this game? Click the following link for more details or to purchase.

A Place Value Game for the Classroom from Boy Mama Teacher Mama (ones and tens)


A Place Value Game for the Classroom from Boy Mama Teacher Mama (ones, tens, hundreds)

or both and save $1.00

I Have… A Place Value Game for the Classroom (combined version)

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