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Penguin Math Games

I have become obsessed with penguins lately. I am pretty sure it is because my teaching partner and I did a seriously awesome penguin activity (which I will share) right before break and I have penguins on the mind.  So you are going to find a handful of penguin activities over the next few days.  Today, we will start with Penguin Math.

Note: Only game boards are pictured below. Each game, however, comes with a set of number cards.

Penguin Place Value: A Game for Practicing Building Big Numbers

This game comes in a 3 or 4 digit version.  To prepare the game, print and cut out the number cards.  Give one game board to a pair of students or an individual student. Place number cards face down. Have students chose one card at a time and place the cards on the penguin’s bellies. The goal of the game is to have student create the biggest (or smallest) number with the card they picked from the pile. You can also use 2 boards and have students compete against each other to see who can build a bigger (or smaller) number.

Greater Than or Less Than Penguins: A Game for Practicing Greater Than and Less Than

To prepare this game, print and cut out the number cards. The numbers 0-9 appear on the cards.  Have student chose one card and place it on the first penguin’s belly then choose a second and place it on the third penguin’s belly. Finally, the student should pick the penguin with the correct greater than or less than sign on its belly and place it on the middle penguin.

Penguin Number Cards: For Practicing a Variety of Math Skills

To prepare this game, print and cut out TWO sets of the cards.  Use the deck to practice- number recognition, number matching, addition , subtractions and multiplication. Cards can be used to play Memory, Go Fish, Old Maid, Snap and War.

Colored Penguin Cards: For Practicing Patterns for Young Children and Fractions for Older Children

To prepare this game, print and cut the cards.  With younger children practice making patterns with the cards. A pattern may be pink belly, purple belly, pink belly and then what?  Or with older children you can practice fractions.  Place 2 blue bellies, 1 pink belly and 1 white belly before your child and have him say what fraction of each color he sees ( 2/4 or 1/2 blue, 1/4 pink and 1/4 white)

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