Teacher Mama: 10% Off Supplies from MPM School Supplies

 10% Off Supplies from MPM School Supplies


I had a neat surprise in my inbox this evening. A educational online store called, MPM School Supplies, offered me $25 to spend in their online store in exchange for an “honest, public opinion.” Well, who doesn’t love free stuff and as an educator getting free stuff to use in the classroom is really great.  I spent about 20 minites browsing through their selection. I could have spent quite a bit more time because they have so many quality products.  They have, really, the basics that teachers need in the everyday classroom.

So I filled my “cart” with many items and then planned to go back and whittle my order down to my allotted $25 . Once I got below $25, I stopped shopping, put in my info waited for the catch- shipping charges. But lo and behold– shipping is free! Yay! I got to spend the WHOLE $25. Well, actually I ended up spending $28 and some change, but I felt that what I had ordered was good quality and things that I would use in the classroom and at home with my boys.

So you must be chomping at the bit to know what I bought, right?  It is funny because many of these things I bought I would never buy on the school’s budget nor did I really want to spend my own money.  But they were things I have always wanted to try out.

My Goodies:

Purple Masking Tape: Silly I know, but there are so many ways to use it in the classroom from designating personal space, making start and finish lines, creating LARGE shapes on the floor, paths to follow and more.  And, for under $5 it was a good buy. Oh, and purple is one of my favorite colors. 🙂 The tape comes in a variety of different colors including pink, green, blue, red and orange

Highlighter Tape: More tape? Yes, but this kind of tape is for a different purpose. Highlighting tape is great for  drawing attention to elements of a piece of work. For example, when working with 100s charts you can highlight patterns in the numbers.  When reading from class charts or big books, you can highlight words with certain spelling patterns, repeated words or grammatical elements of the piece. I purchased green tape, but it comes in a variety of other colors.

Mr. Sketch Scented 10 Color Marker Pack: I didn’t even know that Mr. Sketch made thin markers! They remindme of the Fiddlesticks I used in elementary school (remember those?).  I am going to have to hide these from my students because they love the regular Mr. Sketch markers so much. 🙂

Wanted Chartlet: This is for a fun math activity I like to do with my students. They create a “Wanted Poster” for a number….

Last, but not least and the item that put me over my “budget…”

Mini Geo-Solids: The timing for these could not be better as we are just starting a unit on plane and solid shapes in math.  Cannot wait until these arrive and we can play around with them in class.

These are some other items that caught my eye:

There truly is a plethora of wonderful teacher supplies, arts and crafts materials, classroom decorations, manipulatives and more offered through MPM School Supplies. I think if I was  just starting out teaching, I would have bought more items for decorating the classroom (posters, borders, letters etc), but after 14 years of teaching, 6 years of raising my boys and now back in the classroom, the things I was looking for were very different.

You may wonder about the prices at MPM School Supplies. Well, they seemed very reasonable and in most cases a bit under what you would find in stores like Target or Joann’s. I am sure they are lower than your local teacher supply store too.

So, overall, I would give MPM School Supplies a B+. Great stuff, good prices, but the website could be a little better (in my opinion).  We will see how shipping and delivery goes….

Now, would you like to do some shopping over at MPM School Supplies? Did I hear a “yes”? Well, how about a 10% discount code to get you started? MPM has offered a 10% discount on the first 10 orders from BMTM’s readers.  All you have to do is click this link and start shopping.  Enjoy!

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One thought on “Teacher Mama: 10% Off Supplies from MPM School Supplies

  1. Hi Stephanie!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to check out our online store and share your thoughts about your experience! There’s always, always room for improvement and actual user feedback is invaluable to helping us figure out our next steps!

    We’re thrilled that you were able to find some fun ‘indulgence’ products to use in the classroom. It’s always a blast reading about how they’ll be used and we hope you and your students enjoy them!

    Happy learning!

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