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Magic e Game

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  The Magic e Game (featured)

I have been working on the magic or silent e with a group of first grade students this week and came across a game I made for my class years ago. I decided it was time for an updated version of the game.





popsicle sticks or other small stick for playing pieces

Preparing the Game

Playing Pieces

Print out the directions page of the game.  There are five stars at the top of the page. Cut each one out and set aside.

Break or cut each popsicle stick in half and glue one star to each stick to complete the playing pieces.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  The Magic e Game 3

The Game Board

Print the templates and glue the game together as shown below.

 Boy Mama Teacher Mama  The Magic e Game 2

How to Play

You will need one die for this game. Have each player chose a Magic e playing wand (playing piece). All players begin at start.  Player One rolls the die and goes that many spaces.  He then reads the word (as is) on the space. He then adds the Magic e and reads the newly created word. Other players decide if he is right or not. Then the next player takes his turn. The game continues as such until all players have reached finish.
Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Magic e Game

This game is available at the following link:

Magic e Game from Boy Mama Teacher Mama

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