Teacher Mama: How Tall is a Penguin?

How Tall is a Penguin?

So here it is!  The amazing penguin activity that I mentioned in another penguin post.  I am not going to do anymore introduction than this, so read on!

True/False Prediction Activity

Begin the lesson by giving students this paper with 12 statements about penguins.  Students cut apart the statements, decide if they are true or false and then glue them onto the True/False Paper (see below).

how tall is a penguin: true false

Penguin Informational Reading

After completing the True/False Activity, read the following piece about penguins as a group (or in pairs) to determine which statements were actually true and which were false.

Types of Penguins

Share this list with students and have them select three types of penguins they would be interested in researching and creating.

how tall is a penguin: types

Penguin Research Choices

Have students record their selections on the paper below. Collect the papers and determine who will research which penguin and with whom they will be working.

how tall is a penguin: choices

Penguin Research

Provide students with information (books, internet links etc) about their penguin and have them use the following paper to take notes. Good sites to use are:

Enchanted Learning

Penguin World

Patrick DePinguin


Penguin Illustration

Have students draw a “scientific” picture of their penguin.

how tall is a penguin: draw

Creating a Life Size Penguin

Using the information gathered during research, have students use colored paper to create a life-sized penguin.  Students should measure a piece of black butcher paper the size of their penguin.  For example, a Chinstrap Penguin is 26-30 inches tall so the black paper should measure between 26-30 inches. Students then add unique features using other colors of paper. For example, the Chinstrap would get a black line along its chin or the Rockhopper would get a crest.

After all penguins have been created, have students line them up according to size and display. Label with student researchers names and the name and height of each penguin.

Penguin Writing Paper

how tall is a penguin: paper

Interested in purchasing this activity set? Click the link below for more information:

How Tall is a Penguin? from Boy Mama Teacher Mama

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  1. This is Brilliant. Please remind me to share on all sm for you. So love how you measured each penguin against each other. Meant to be working but had to pop by and comment!

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