Boy Mama: Bubble Gum Scented Play Dough

Bubble Gum Scented Play Dough

I am taking a break from my penguin posts to share a fun and easy recipe for bubble gum scented play dough. I have been reading all over the internet about scented play dough and finally gave it a try.

I used K-3 Teaching Resources “Best Playdough Recipe Ever” (and it is the best and the easiest).  Before adding the boiling water to the rest of the ingrediants, I disolved 2 packets of Duncan Hines Bubble Gum Frosting Creations Flavor Mix in the water. I then added the flavored water to the other ingrediants and ended up with a truly bubble gum scented play dough! Can’t wait to try it with my boys tomorrow. Who knows, may even take it to my classroom and let my first graders have first dibs… 🙂


Note: Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Mix can be found in the baking isle of your local grocery store. The next flavor on our list to try? cotton candy!

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4 thoughts on “Boy Mama: Bubble Gum Scented Play Dough

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  2. I think my girls would try eating it if it smelled that good, oh who am I kidding I might try it too 😉 I never thought to flavor my playdough so it smells yummy, what a great idea! thanks for sharing on We Made That!

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