Place Value Practice with a Flip

Place Value Practice with a Flip

 Boy Mama Teacher Mama Place Value Practice with a Flip

The other day’s post about Place Value was just the beginning! Here are the directions for making a Place Value Flip Book.  We have a store bought version of this book which we love playing around with, but it was pretty expensive. Here is a easy and much cheaper version!

Note: This activity is meant for children who “get” the basics of place value, but feel free to use it with the younger ones and have some fun with big numbers!

Place Value Flip Book


Materials Needed:

computer, printer
paper (colored and white)

Putting the Book Together

Print out the templates. If you would like the cover to be colored, print them out on colored paper.  Print the rest of the template on white paper.Cut out the template for the cover and the back as shown.

Cut out the number pages as shown. Be sure to cut along the top of the gray shaded areas- that is where the staples will go when you put the book together.  The bottom-most, gray shaded area can be discarded.
Stack the number pages in order from 0 (on top) to 9 (on the bottom).
Place the stack of number papers on top of the back cover as show in the picture below.
Place the front cover on top of the numbers and back cover and staple several times along the top edge.
Open the book and cut the pages on the dotted lines.
The book is now complete and ready to be used.
How to Use the Flip Book:
My son is not nearly ready to start learning about place value. He is still learning to count, correctly, higher than “eleventeen,” but we have still had some fun with our Place Value Flip book. Here are some ways to use your Place Value Book.
  • Create BIG numbers: My son loves to make numbers and have his dad and I read them to him. The bigger the better!
  • Create Simple Numbers: This is good for those learning double digit numbers (as well as beginning counters)- make them and practice reading them!
  • Count: We start with all the zeros and then, beginning in the ones place, count and flip. When we get to 9, I make a BIG deal about what happens next (I was once told by a fantastic math teacher that exaggeration of concepts is the key to teaching young kids math and do you know what? It works!) I say something like, “Oh no! We are out of numbers. That’s it! We are done. Can’t go on.” My son is quick to respond, “Yes, we can, there are more numbers here!” Then we talk about how we leave the zero in the ones place and start over in the tens place and continue counting.
  • Count Backwards: Start at a given number and go backwards!
  • Skip Count: Make the number 10 then count by tens as you flip the cards in the tens place. This can be done with any number in any place! Make the number 6 then skip count by 10s– 6, 16, 26, 36 etc or by 100s– 4, 104, 204, 304 etc.
  • Say it Game: Create numbers by telling your child how many ones, tens, hundreds etc to “use.” For example, you might say, “We are going to make a number.  I am going to tell you  how many ones, tens, hundreds etc to use and you make the number using our flip book. Okay? This number has 5 ones (child puts the number 5 in the ones place), 3 tens (child puts the number 5 in the tens place).  What number did you make?” Answer- 35.
  • Place Value Guess a Number: Have a number in mind.  Your child can ask, “Is there a 5 in the ones place?” Answer yes or no. If your child is right, show the number 5 in the ones place in the flip book.  If not, child asks another question, “Is there a 8 in the tens place?”  Continue on until your child guesses your number. Keep track of numbers already guessed to avoid confusion (and frustration). Then swap places and you guess his number. This game is a bit of a challenge so be sure your child is ready for it before playing!

Templates are available for purchase. Please click the link below for more details or purchasing information.

Place Value Flip Book from Boy Mama Teacher Mama

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  6. Stephanie… you are amazing!!! What a great visualizing tool to learn about placeholder values. I’m impressed.

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