Teacher Mama: Baseball Math

Baseball Math

 Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Baseball Math

This game is a fun way to practice math facts with your child. Actually, you can practice just about anything using the same game– spelling words, sight words, geography, vocabulary and even foreign language vocabulary would work as well!

Materials to prepare the game:

  • Cardboard, paper or paper plates for creating the bases.
  • Index cards (larger size)
  • Markers
Using the index cards and markers, create game cards as follows:
  • 6 cards that say, “Single”
  • 4 cards that say “Double”
  • 3 cards that say “Triple”
  • 3 cards that say “HOMERUN!”
  • 3 cards, that say “OUT!”
Baseball Math- Cards
Baseball Math Cards
Baseball Math- Cards

Optional: Draw an picture on the opposite side of the game cards. I drew baseballs on our cards.

Using the cardboard, paper or paper plates, create the bases as follows:

  • First Base
  • Second Base
  • Third Base
  • Home plate
  • Pitcher’s mound
Bases for Baseball Math

To play:

  • The first “batter” stands at home plate. He choose a card from the pile.
  • The “pitcher” asks for the answer to a math problem (2+2 or 4×5 etc).
  • The batter solves the problem.  If he is correct, he goes the number of spaces on the card he chose. For example, if he is correct and has picked a “triple” card, he moves to third base.
  • If he is wrong, the next player is “up.” If you are only playing with one child, he can take another turn.
  • If the player picks a “Homerun!” card and solves the problem correctly, he can take a run around the bases!
  • If the player picks an “Out” card, he loses his turn.


  • You can play with one or more children
  • All children can be practicing the same facts/concepts or different ones. One may be working on addition facts while another is focusing on subtraction facts.
  • You can create teams and keep score if you like.


If you like this game and would like a set of Baseball Math Cards, please click the following link:

Baseball Math from Boy Mama Teacher Mama


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