Teacher Mama: Douglas Florian, A Poet for Boys

Douglas Florian, A Poet for Boys

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Often students are asked to choose a favorite poem (or poet) to write about for a school book report or class project.  There are many, many wonderful poets out there- some are very serious and others very silly. The silly poets are the ones that boys tend to gravitate  towards. But what if there was a poet out there who wrote poems that were not only funny, but visually interesting, clever, informative without being overly instructive and, with great rhythm and rhyme? All the things boys look for when reading. Well, there is  a poet who writes like this and his name is Douglas Florian. Florian is an artist and a poet. He has written a series of poetry books about all the things that boys love- animals, space, pirates, insects, dogs, cats, baseball and more. His poems are funny! They are a little wacky. They are interesting and kids love them.  Here is one example of Florian’s poetry:

The Boa

Just when you think you know the boa,

There’s moa and moa and moa and moa.

(from Douglas Florian’s Beast Feast: Poems and Paintings)

Other poetry books written by Douglas Florian:

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