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Books about Baseball

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Opening day has come and gone and baseball season is in full swing. If you have a baseball fan in your house, here are some must read baseball book for your home library.

H is for Homerun: A Baseball Alphabet by Brad Herzog

An informative alphabet book all about baseball.


My Baseball Book by Gail Gibbons

All the basics of baseball in this book for young children.


Who’s on First? by Abbott and Costello adapted by Bud Abbott

The classic comedy sketch comes to life in this picture book. Follow the mistakes, confusion and laughs of Rabbit and Bear as they act out this famous scene.


Baseball Saved Us by Ken Mochizuki

During World War II, a young Japenese-American boy and his family were sent to an internment camp after the attack on Pearl Harbor.  While there, the boy and his father pull the camp together and to build a baseball diamond and form a league.


Mama Plays Baseball by David Adler

Amy’s dad is away, fighting in WWII, and her mama must get a job. But it is no ordinary job- Amy’s mother becomes a baseball player in the first professional women’s league.


Players in Pigtails by Shana Corey

A book inspired by the All American Girls Professional Baseball League and the fact that the song, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” was written about a girl!


Goodnight Baseball by Michael Dahl

After enjoying a day at the ballpark, a dad and his son say goodnight to the game they love.


Baseball Hour by Carol Nevius

A simply illustrated rhyming book takes both boys and girls through a typical practice.


Have a baseball fan? Try this math baseball game:

Boy Mama Teacher Math | Baseball Math

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