Boy Mama Teacher Mama: The ABCs of Raising Boys

 ABCs of Raising Boys

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | The ABCs of Raising Boys

I am excited to be joining almost 75 other kid bloggers from around the world in the Kid Blogger Network’s ABC Series. Each participating blogger created their own ABCs of a topic of their choice. I chose, no surprise, to write the ABCs of Raising Boys.

(Note: Before we begin, BMTM recognizes that each boy is an individual and not ALL boys like the same things nor do they behave the same way.)

That said, here is…

Boy Mama Teacher Mama’s ABCs of Raising Boys

A is for Aim

Potty training is almost not always an easy task and when you have boys there is an added challenge and that is AIM or teaching your son how to aim so the pee goes in the toilet instead of, well, everywhere else.

B is for Behavior

Boys brains and girl brains develop differently and at different rates.  As a parent of boys, it is important to understand this so you can help them, advocate for them and support their learning both in school and out.

C is for Comic Books (and Graphic Novels)

Yes! Comic Books and Graphic Novels count! They are a valid reading choices for boys! Many books now-a-days incorporate comic book/graphic novel elements to appeal to boy readers. Want to know more? Read this article from The Telegraph: Comic Books ‘Help Boys Read.’ I do not claim to know anything about comic books beyond the Richie Rich and Archie comic books I read as a young child. But, as a mom of boys I am learning daily and the following books are popular with boys for this very reason.

D is for Dinosaurs

Most boys love dinosaurs. Well, actually, not all boys like them. My eldest is most definitely not a fan of dinosaurs… but there are so many fun dinosaur activities out there for those who do love these fascinating creatures. Here are just a few.

E is for E-readers

Recent studies show that for middle school males, using e-readers improved confidence, skill and interest in reading. For the girls? Just the opposite…. Want to know more? Read this from E-readers Improve Boys’ Reading

F is for Firefighters

I could not possibly create an ABCs for Boys and leave out firefighters! There are so many wonderful firefighter books, activities, movies and more available now.  Here are a few favorites and a few resources.

G is for Gurian

If you are a parent of a boy (or boys), this is one man you need to know. Michael Gurian, co-founder of the Gurian Institute, has written several important books on understanding and raising boys based on years of research and practical experience.  His books include (but are not limited to) The Wonder of Boys,  Boys and Girls Learn Differently, The Minds of Boys, What Could He Be Thinking and The Good Son.

H is for Hands-On

Research tells and experience shows that boys learn better when they can manipulate their world. Here are some of my favorite ideas from around the web for teaching boys.

I is for I Love Watching you….

If you haven’t read the post, Six Words You Should Say Today, from Hands Free Mama you must. If you have read it in the past, it is well worth reading again.

J and K are for Just Kidding Around

Boys love to joke around. They love silly jokes and bodily functions. Words like “poop” and “pee” are staples in a boy’s vocabulary.  Knock-knock joke books and books about all things gross are a staple in many young boys’ libraries.

  • How about adding some jokes to your child’s lunch?  See Kindergarten Lunchbox Jokes from Preschool and Kindergarten for Parents and Teachers.

L is for Legos

There really isn’t much need to say more. Boys like Legos. My boys LOVE Legos. I really like them too. Here are a few things Boy Mama Teacher Mama had to share about Legos in our home.

M is for Moms of Sons

N is for (Things) No One Ever Told Us About Raising Boys…

O is for Organization

Wondering how to organize all those tiny pieces your son(s) has collected? Legos everywhere? You are not alone. Here are some toy organization ideas:

P is for Play

I am cheating a bit on this one, or maybe just stretching it. Here are a few of my very favorite play activities from around the web.

Q is for Quiet

Need I really say more? 🙂 Okay, here is a link about The Importance of Quiet Time from The Pepperrific Life

R is for Respecting Women

Teaching boys to respect girls/women is a challenge for all those raising boys. Here are some thoughts on just how to do this from Thoughts from a Mama of Boys from The Good Long Road

S is for Shoulder to Shoulder

Talking to/with boys can be very different than talking to girls. Boys do not want the same intense eye contact that girls want and need. So, how do you talk to boys in a way that is respectful of their unique needs? Read Shoulder to Shoulder or Face to Face from Raise a Boy.

T is for Treasures

Most children love hunting for treasures. My boys love it.  The “treasures” they bring to me vary from dead dandelions to “gold” they have uncovered in our backyard.  Looking for treasures comes in all varieties. Here are some of the best:

U is for Understanding Boys

PBS Parents: Raising Boys is one of the best websites I have come across about understanding and raising boys.  Read it. Book Mark it. Revisit it often.  It is worth it.

V is for Vehicles

Boys love vehicles- of all kinds! Here at Boy Mama Teacher Mama we have shared several of our favorite vehicle books.  What are you favorites?

W is for Websites

Here are some boy centered blogs to check out:

X is for eXit Sign (and other signs)

My boys love signs. They love creating them, using them and simply having them in their possession. We have created several different signs in our home that the boys have loved so dearly that they have fallen apart.

Y is for Why, How, Who and What

Okay, so I cheated a bit on this one too, but you get the idea- right? Boys love information! They love reading non-fiction books, magazines and instruction manuals. These should all be considered legitimate reading choices for boys. So, what are some good suggestions?

Z is for Zzzzzzzzzzz

Monsters and other creepy things are keeping my boys from being able to sleep.  Books and other monster activities are a great way to help them understand and demystify monsters.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed Boy Mama Teacher Mama’s ABCs Of Raising Boys. Please be sure to check out some of the other ABCS created by some fabulous kid bloggers around the world!
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  12. Love all of these! Especially the Behavior and Understanding. I am pinning! My boy just turned 1 so I have yet to discover any of these 🙂

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  24. Aarya just recently started the “big boy” pee thing (till now he sat and did it) and we are really in need of some aim there 😀 Another thing is the farts :-/ What is so funny about them. I love your post….what a great resource. Pinning it, and I know I will be reading it many more times.

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  26. As a mum of three boys I can relate to all of these! Thanks for the list of resources. Looking forward to checking them out 🙂

  27. What a lovely ABC series. I so wish I had a boy somewhere along the line but I was dealt three beautiful daughters and I really can’t complain because they are all beautiful little souls. I loved the A for Aim. What a giggle!

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