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Boat Works (Tom Slaughter)

This book is the inspiration for this post. We stopped by our local independent book store to see if a book we had ordered was in. While waiting for the clerk to check, this book caught my eye.  I quickly glanced through it and fell in love.  The book ended up coming home with us and I am so glad because my boys, especially my 3 year old, love it!  I had to read it to him 3 times right when we got home!  Boat Works is a simple book that asks the question, “Who am I?”  and provides a few simple clues as the pages unfold into a poster size page with the answer.  The pictures are simple, bold and beautiful and the story is perfect for any child (or adult) who likes boats.

Toot and Pop! (Sebastian Braun)

It is Pop, the tugboat’s job to “guide all the great big boats safely out to sea.” One day when a new boat is ready to be launched, Pop is ready to help. But, Toot, the new boat says, “I’m big and strong. I don’t need help from anyone, especially you!”  and he sailed away on his own. He was knocked around by huge waves and soon ran into the sea wall and broke his engine.  Pop quickly comes to Toot’s rescue and takes him back to the dock to be mended.  Toot apologizes and asks Pop for help when he is fixed and ready to sail again.  Pop answers, “Of course I will…That’s what friends are for!”  Toot and Pop! is a sweet and simple story about friendship that will touch both young and not-so-young.

Mr. Gumpy’s Outing (John Burningham)

Mr. Gumpy owns a boat and has a house by the river. One day while in his boat,  along comes two children who ask, “May we go with you?”  Mr. Gumpy kindly says, “Yes,” but adds, “if you don’t squabble.”  Then along comes a rabbit who wants to go along as well and, again, Mr. Gumpy says, “Yes,” but warns, “don’t hop about.” Before we know it, a cat, a dog, a pig, a sheep, some chickens, a calf and a goat are all aboard Mr. Gumpy’s boat each given a warning about their behavior before boarding.  “For a while they all went along happily, but then…” all the animals did exactly as they promised they would not and the boat tips over.  Instead of being scolded by Mr. Gumpy for their poor behavior, he invites them all for tea and as he says goodbye he adds, “Come for a ride another day.”  Children will be surprised by and pleased with Mr. Gumpy’s kindess towards the animals despite the trouble they caused.

Tiny Rockers: Boat (Justine Smith)

Another favorite of my youngest, Tiny Rockers: Boat, is a perfect book for sailors-to-be. The rhythmic and repetitive text appeal young readers and the interactive pictures allow children to touch, feel and sail along right along with the boats on each page. Also available in Car, Truck and Tractor.

Toy Boat (Randall De Seve)

“A little boy had a toy boat. He made it from a can, a cork, a yellow pencil and some white cloth.  The boy loved the boat, and they were never apart.” But one day, while sailing the boat in the lake, the two are separated. The boat gets lost among the waves and a brewing storm takes in far, far away from the shore and from the boy.  As the boat struggles to stay afloat several larger boats go by, but none stop to help. Finally a small fishing boat circles the toy boat and rights him so he is able to sail back to the shore where the boy and the toy boat are finally reunited

Other Boat Books to Look For:

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  3. Who sank the boat? by Pamela Allen

    Loved the list! Doing a bit of a transport theme with my boys in September so will have to add some of these to my wish list! Love the look of “toy boat”

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