Boy Mama: The Tooth Fairy Visits


The Tooth Fairy Visits

Big, big week in the Boy Mama Teacher Mama household!  My eldest lost his first tooth. Oh my!  I did not realize how emotional I would get. When he came home from school and showed me his “wiggly” tooth, I teared up. This is my baby and I feel like just yesterday we cheered for his first tooth to come in!  And now, he is loosing teeth.  It is all going so fast.

Anyway, once we discovered the loose tooth, I took out the book I had tucked away for this day and we read it cover to cover.  It is a great book filled with traditions from around the world and it happens to be illustrated by one of my very favorites, G. Brian Karas.

Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions from Around the World by Selby Beeler

While my son was at school the following day (the day after the discovery of the wiggly tooth), the tooth fairy left him a note and a gift. Both are pictured below.  When my son arrived home, he found them waiting for him on his bed.

The note was typed in a tiny font on a tiny piece of paper- because the tooth fairy is tiny- and it said:

dear cooper,

i heard you lost a tooth! whenever a little boy or little girl looses their first tooth, i deliver a special tooth fairy pillow to their home while they are at school. this is your very own tooth fairy pillow. i heard you really like rockets so i made this one especially for you.  here is what you should do with your tooth:

  • rinse it off
  • wrap it in some tissue
  • put your tooth inside the pocket of the pillow
  • put the pillow underneath your pillow
  • go to sleep and have sweet dreams

while you are fast asleep, i will take your tooth and, in exchange, i will leave you some coins or a treat.  which would you like better? 

i am looking forward to seeing your first tooth!


the tooth fairy

The note was tucked inside an envelope I made from metallic wrapping paper and was sealed with a “fairy kiss.” The fairy kiss was made from hot glue shaped in a heart and sprinkled with glitter. When it was dry, I glued it to the back of the envelope.

I actually made this pillow about 8 years ago before I even had kids! I made it for a craft fair I was in and I tucked away a few extras for my future kids. 🙂 It is a simple square pillow with a pocket.

Above is what my son found when he arrived home. Needless to say he was quite amazed that the tooth fairy not only left him a gift, but also that she was able to carry that huge pillow all by herself!  He immediately sat down and wrote his own note to the tooth fairy thanking her for the gift and requesting that she leave the tooth with him since “it is my very first tooth to fall out.”  Below is the note he wrote. It is a little hard to decipher, but it is darn cute and he did it all by himself (insert proud mama here). Then, for some reason, he decided that the note needed to be cut into strips and be place in the pillow’s pocket with his tooth. He spent quite a long time cutting the paper and getting it all to fit. He said it would be easier for the tooth fairy to carry this way. 🙂

When he woke in the morning, he found this note from the tooth fairy along with 2 gold coins (that’s $4 here in AU).

This note was also written in a very small font on a small piece of paper and here is what it said:

dear cooper,

i am so happy that you left your tooth just where it should be. i loved your note and, of course i will keep it i have a BIG book filled with all the notes boys and girls have ever given me. i love to read through it before i go to bed. your note will be the newest addition to my book, thank you.

i left your tooth for you. i understand how special it is to you. do you promise to take very good care of it and keep it somewhere very safe?  do you think i will be able to keep your next tooth that falls out. i hope so!

i hope you like what i left for you.  i cannot wait to visit you again when your lose another tooth.


the tooth fairy

He was a little disappointed that the tooth fairy did not bring him the Lego Fire Station, but seriously, how could she carry that???

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  1. What a great Tooth Fairy story! Tooth Fairy (or TF, as my boys called her) was VERY important in our household. My boys corresponded with her for several years and I believe she ranked higher in their regard than the Easter Bunny! Enjoy these years with your boys AND their new friend, TF!

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