Book Mama: Children’s Book Illustrator Extraordinaire, Tom Slaughter

Children’s Book Illustrator Extraordinaire, Tom Slaughter

Looking for a great gift? Look no further than these books illustrated (and some written) by children’s book illustrator extraordinaire, Tom Slaughter.

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Tom Slaughter is my new favorite illustrator of children’s books. His illustrations are colorful, bold and simple. They draw you into the story, keep your attention and invite you back again and again. Slaughter partners up with a variety of very talented writers to create books that are timeless and appeal to readers of all ages. Here are a few of our favorites!

 Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow?

Written by: Susan A. Shea

Illustrated by: Tom Slaughter


If you look around you’ll see,

Some things grow, like you and me. 

Other things stay the way they’re made,

Until they crack, or rust, or fade.

Do you know which ones will grow?

 Think then answer yes or no.

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I just love this book! Not only are the illustrations fantastic, but the rhyming text and fold-out pages make this book a must have for any young child’s home library.  The questions about what can grow and what cannot spark kids’ imaginations and invite both discussion and laughter.

Which Way?

Written by: Marthe Jocelyn

Illustrated by: Tom Slaughter

How do we know which way to go?

Will we walk or ride?

Will we pedal or drive?

Will we sail or fly?

* * * * *

Which Way invites young children to explore and understand the concepts we see every day in the signs around us.  Finding our way through our world involves making decisions and this book introduces the road signs, directions, stoplights and other common sights that guide us during our everyday journeys.

Boat Works

Written and Illustrated by: Tom Slaughter

Another fantastic book by Tom Slaughter. This time, he writes and illustrates the book. For more about this book, see our post Book Mama: Boat Books.

Interested in other books by Tom Slaughter?  Check out Tundra Books for more.

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