Boy Mama: Signs, Signs and More Signs!

all signs with road

We have been having a little too much fun with our traffic (and other) signs. Well, maybe I am having too much fun making them… Anyway, the boys LOVE them and have played so many different games with them that I have lost track.  This week we added the following signs to our collection-  One Way, Do Not Enter, Parking and Railroad Crossing. We also made a construction cone, a traffic light and some yellow lines for a road. Next up, according to my son, are a Stop Sign and a Bus Stop Sign. Better get to work!

9 thoughts on “Boy Mama: Signs, Signs and More Signs!

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    • Hi Melissa! I did it on the computer. I can email you the signs I made if you like. Otherwise, I created them on the computer and printed them out, covered cardboard with colored paper then glued the words on. Let me know if you want any of them. I am going to do a short post on easy lettering (like on the do not enter sign) hopefully later today. So, stay tuned! Steph

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