Boy Mama: Making BIG Snowmen

Making BIG Snowmen

We had quite a bit of cardboard laying around the house and needed something to do with it. The boys were waiting for snow to build a snowman so I thought we would build some BIG snowmen from cardboard!


  • large pieces of cardboard
  • good scissors!
  • white paint
  • glue
  • hot glue gun
  • random craft items you have around the house (buttons, ric-rac, ribbon, Mardi Gras beads cut into sections, string, pom-poms, cotton balls and googly eyes)


  • For my younger son, I drew a snowman and cut it out. My elder son drew his own snowman shape and I cut it out for him. It was way to hard for him to do himself.
  • Prepare a work space.
  • Put the white paint in dishes with brushes.
  • Heat up the hot glue gun.

How to Make the Snowmen:

  • We first painted our snowmen white.  I had planned to let the paint dry before proceeding, but both my boys were too excited to wait.
  • Allow the kids to decorate their snow person how they like.  You may need to use the hot glue gun for some items to make sure they stay attached.
That’s it! It was really fun to watch my boys create their BIG snowman.  They took two totally different approaches, but both made two adorable snowman who now live in our dining room!
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9 thoughts on “Boy Mama: Making BIG Snowmen

  1. Great idea, espeicially when they keep asking ‘When is it going to snow’ it’s a brilliant way to satisfy them when it doesn’t & they’re really cute. It rarely snows in Ireland so I think the kids would love them, thanks for the tip.

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