Roll a Lego…Dice Game with FREE Game Template

Roll a Lego…Dice Game


I love dice games and my boys love Lego so I put the two together and came up with this game. I call it, “Roll a Lego….Dice Game.”

Clever, huh?

Roll a Lego…Dice Game


  • Roll a Lego paper
  • die
  • Lego pieces of choice (see examples)

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | roll a Lego Dice Game

I really like all the little pieces that come with the Lego sets like the little cups, the backpacks etc. My boys love the handcuffs and walkie talkies….  I thought it would be fun to create a game using these pieces.

For the first game,  Roll a Lego…Person, I pulled out a variety of shirts, pants, heads, hats, hair, bags and tools.  I set them up on my Roll a Lego…Person board, grabbed a die and began the game.

(Click the image below to download a free template)


How to Play

The goal of the game is to create a unique Lego person.

Player 1 rolls the die.  Depending on what number the die lands on, the player can choose that “person part.” For example, if I were to roll a 1, I could choose a shirt for my Lego person or if I rolled a 5, I could choose either a backpack or a suitcase.  Player 2 then takes a turn. The game continues until someone has a complete person. If you want the game to be a little more challenging, make a rule that in order to collect the hats/hair, suitcase/backpack and tools, the body must be completed first.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | roll a Lego Dice Game

The goal of this version is to create a unique Lego vehicle.

In preparation for this version, create one vehicle base for each player and roll the die to add the different parts of the car. Play the game as described above only use items such as the ones shown in the this example.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | roll a Lego Dice Game

Interested in more Legos (or Duplos) ideas?

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