Book Mama: Giveaway! Toon Books: Comic Books for Beginning Readers

Giveaway! Toon Books: Comic Books for Beginning Readers

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TOON Books are leveled to be just right for early readers and to entice reluctant readers. Explore our Level OneLevel Two, and Level Three books to find the perfect titles for the children in your life. Check out our free classroom resources, including Common Core guides and lesson plans. For curious kids, we’ve created an entire world of fun learning tools, from cartoon lessons and carTOON makers to coloring pages and popsicle puppets. Follow our blog to keep up with the latest news. We’re always updating our site with hip, smart ways to share a love of reading with the youngest generation. 

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I love discovering new books and this week we were lucky enough to have two new books sent to us to check out. TOON Books are the first high quality comic books written especially for young readers.  Yes! Finally, comic books written for kids that have age-appropriate content! My book prayers have been answered! If you have read anything about boys and reading, you know reading comics books is high on the list for boys.  Well, these books hit the mark. They are fun, silly and right up a young boy’s alley.

Toon Books

We received two books compliments of Toon Books, Benjamin Bear in Bright Ideas (Philippe Coudray) and Barry’s Best Buddy (Renee French). I immediately sat down and read them both to my eldest son (6 years old).  He enjoyed both books, but LOVED Benjamin Bear in Bright Ideas. It made him laugh (me too!), spurred great discussions and was a book he wanted to read again and again. My youngest (3 years old), while not old enough to “get” the stories, loves looking at the pictures.

Now to the Giveaway!!!

I feel very fortunate to be able give away a set of 3 Toon books to a very lucky reader.  

Here is what you have to do to enter:

STEP ONE:  Take a picture of your child(ren) reading a Toon Book. (see below)

STEP TWO: Email the photo to me at [email protected] with “BMTM’s Toon Books Giveaway” in the subject line.

STEP THREE: We will draw a winner and contact that person when the contest period ends.

Start emailing your photos to [email protected] today! Don’t forget to put “BMTM’S TOON BOOKS GIVEAWAY” in the subject line. We will be accepting entries until Friday, April 12, 2013.  At that time, we will stop accepting entries and will select a winner. The winner will be contacted via email and delivery details will be arranged.

That is it! In the meantime, hop on over to the Toon Books Website and see what they have to offer. Not only do they have books, but some videos, coloring pages and more!



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  1. OOOHHH!!! I want to play! I am gonna try to get my hands on one of those ASAP! Thanks so much, you know you’re my fave go to chickie when it comes to boys!

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