Teacher Mama: Snowflake Math

Snowflake Math

We all know that students forget some of what they have been learning or practicing during the school year over holidays and breaks.  It doesn’t hurt to do a little extra practice while away from school for long stretches of time. Reading during these breaks is a must and keeping math facts fresh is a good idea as well.  Here is a fun way to do just that!

This is Snowflake Math– a seasonal way to practice addition, subtraction and multiplication facts.  Print out the templates, cut out the snowflake number cards and have some fun with numbers! Below are examples of practicing addition and subtraction problems as well as greater than and less than and fact families.

You can do these activities without the practice mat as well.  Here are a few ideas:

The possibilities are really endless with this activity set. If you are interested in getting a copy for yourself, check out the link below for purchase information. Check back after Christmas as well because I will be giving a few of these games away for free!

Snowflake Math from Boy Mama Teacher Mama 

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