Boy Mama: A Holiday Gift for Your Child’s Teacher

A Holiday Gift for Your Child’s Teacher

As a teacher myself, I am pretty picky about what kinds of gifts I give to my boys’ teachers. Basically, my rules are 1) No mugs, notecards or teachery ornaments (teachers get way too many of them) 2) No flowers (just a personal thing) and 3) Usually no chocolate EXCEPT if they are Hershey’s Kisses (my fave). That said, what are my favorite gifts? GIFT CARDS! I love them and do not feel they are too impersonal AT ALL. In fact, I think they are perfect because I get to go shopping and pick something out!  This year I had the teacher gifts all figured out, but they were a bit too complicated to get done and get done right, so I decided to combine my two favorite things- gift cards and Hersheys Kisses.

Here is what I came up with:

What you need:boy mama teacher mama teacher gift

  • LOTS of Hershey’s Kisses (I go for the original ones in festive colors)
  • gift cards of your choosing
  • a cute container
  • a holiday image from a card, a Google search or a sticker
  • a gift tag
  • hot glue
What to do:

I found some cute plastic paint “cans” at Target. They were filled with gift tags, but I bought them anyway (I can always find a use for the gift tags) and took all the tags out. I hot glued one of the gift tags to the outside of the “can” for decoration. I put a small handful of the Kisses in the can, added the gift cards and then filled each container the rest of the way with the Kisses. So, when the teacher reaches in for a Kiss, she will find a gift card as well as some chocolate!

This was super easy to put together and feels very personal.  I plan to stop by Starbucks in the morning and add one more card to each container just to make it more fun.   🙂

Don’t they look great?!?

Note: You can buy relatively cheap (empty and clean) paint cans at Home Depot.

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