Teacher Mama: Math Facts Practice Box

Math Facts Practice Box

BMTM’s Sight Word Practice Box has been such a hit that I decided to create a similar tool kit for practicing math facts. I am really excited to share this with you all and hope you like it as much as I do!

Presenting!  BMTM’s Math Fact Practice Box

What’s in the box?

  • Two sets of number cards (0-12)
  • One set of operation cards
  • One set of number tokens
  • One set of activity choice cards
  • A Math Fact Cheat Sheet for Parents
  • Several Games including Popcorn Counting, Gumball Machine Math Facts, Pothole Math with playing pieces and spinner and the In/Out Machine
  • One large die
  • Two regular sized dice (not in photo)
  • Operation Bean Bags (see photo below)
How is the box made?
  • I went to my local pizza shop and asked for a few pizza boxes. I offered to pay, but they kindly gave them to me for free!
  • I then printed out the labels I created on full sheet label paper.
  • I needed an envelope template so I went to About.com and used their printable 4×6 envelope template which I enlarged to hold all the cards for the box.
  • I created the envelopes using colored card stock paper.
  • I attached the printed labels onto the envelopes.
  • Then I assembled the box and attached the labeled envelopes and title card.
  • Then I printed and cut out the number cards, the number tokens and the operation cards.
  • Then I printed  the games I wanted to include and mounted them onto card stock for durability.
And the box is done and ready to be used by your children or students!
I hope you like it! I am currently working on a round-up of all these games in this post so they can all be found in one place.  Some of these games have already been posted about or are available at BMTM’s TPT store. Here are those links:

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