Teacher Mama: Creating Your Own Dice for Learning

Creating Your Own Dice for Learning

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Creating Your Own Dice For Learning

In a previous post I introduced some math games involving the use of dice. As I stated then, the possibilities for learning with dice are endless, but not everyone wants to go out and buy a gazillion different kinds of dice. So, this post is all about making your own dice to suit your child’s needs.

First, you can always create your own template on your computer (or by hand!) if you like.  Or, you can click HERE to download my template.  Once you have the template, print it on a heavier paper. I like to use card stock that you can find at most copy shops or news agents. Then follow the directions below:

Blank die template

Step 1: Print template on heavier paper

Step 2: Label your template as desired
See options below

Step 3: Cut out template on outside lines only

Step 4: Fold on all inner lines

Step 5: Tape the long side to the opposite side

Step 6: Tape bottom on

Step 7: Tape final side and die is complete

The die I created above will be used for practicing short vowel sounds with my son. We will use the die in a few different ways.

1. Roll the die, identify the letter and make the corresponding sound

2. Roll the die along with a die labeled with consonants and practice blending the sounds (see blue die template below)

3. Add a third die with consonants, roll all three and practice blending the sounds to create short words (some real and some nonsense words)

Here are some ideas for creating your own dice:

• traditional die with dots (use markers for dots or sticker)

• color die for practicing color identification

• sight word die for practicing sight words (the, and, on etc)

• numeral dice

• number  or color word dice

• action die (jump, hop, twist)

• letter die for practicing letter identification and/or letter sounds

Use this die for practicing consonant sounds and/or for blending with vowels

Use these dice for practicing color recognition


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13 thoughts on “Teacher Mama: Creating Your Own Dice for Learning

  1. We make our own dice too. Here are some things I’ve found… You may have a block from the toy bin that fit the template perfectly, so just tape it to that (its stronger). Also the dollar store often have large foam (quiet) dice. We cover its dots with stickers or the cut out pictures from other people’s die graphics.

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  7. Steph, you have such a gift! Your boys are blessed to have you as their mom and first teacher! Keep up the great work. Laura

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