Teacher Mama: FREE Thanksgiving Turkey Math Games

FREE Thanksgiving Turkey Math Games UPDATED VERSION BELOW! We have Grandparent’s Day next week and my teaching partner and I decided to set up 6 stations between our two classrooms. One of the stations will be a math game which … Continue reading

Teacher Mama: FREE Games for Making Ten {After School Linky}

FREE Games for Making Ten I have been busily creating games to help my students practice making tens which is so important for all other math concepts. Students need to make tens for counting money, telling time, place value and … Continue reading

Teacher Mama | FREE Printable Valentines

FREE Printable Valentines As a teacher, I am always looking for cute Valentines to give my students for Valentine’s Day. While browsing Pinterest the other day, I came across this adorable idea from a variety of different sources. I decided … Continue reading

Teacher Mama: FREE Printable Crafts for Chinese New Year

FREE Printable Crafts for Chinese New Year Firecrackers for the Chinese New Year with FREE Printable Firecrackers are a traditional part of the Chinese New Year’s festivities. The firecrackers are set off at midnight to celebrate the new year as … Continue reading

Teacher Mama: 9 Freebies for Halloween and the After School Linky

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | 9 Freebies for Halloween

9 Freebies for Halloween  For the last 4 Fridays, BMTM has been giving away a Halloween freebies. This week, I am putting them all together in one post and throwing in a few extras just because.  Simply click on the … Continue reading

Boy Mama: FREE Halloween Bingo Game

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | FREE Halloween Bingo Game

FREE Halloween Bingo Game Halloween Freebie Fridays from Boy Mama Teacher Mama Halloween Bingo is a simple and fun addition to your Halloween party.  It can also be used for a center in the classroom or simply a fun activity … Continue reading