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FREE Printable Valentines

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As a teacher, I am always looking for cute Valentines to give my students for Valentine’s Day. While browsing Pinterest the other day, I came across this adorable idea from a variety of different sources. I decided that this would be the Valentine design I would pass out this year. So I created this FREE printable Valentine to use with my students and to share with you!




Swedish Fish, Goldfish Crackers or other fish shaped item

ribbon or yarn

plastic bags without ziplock or cellophane bags

Making the Valentines

Click on the image below to download the FREE  template.

Copy onto card stock or other heavy paper.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Free Printable Valentines

Cut out the fish bowls.

Sign your name next to the heart.

Place one fishbowl in a plastic bag. Add a few Swedish Fish or Goldfish Crackers to the bag.

Tie the bag closed with a ribbon or piece of yarn.

Then share your Valentines with your students or friends!

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