Teacher Mama: FREE Thanksgiving Turkey Math Games

FREE Thanksgiving Turkey Math Games


We have Grandparent’s Day next week and my teaching partner and I decided to set up 6 stations between our two classrooms. One of the stations will be a math game which I volunteered to create. I used the fantastic Thanksgiving graphics from My Cute Graphics to create this simple Thanksgiving Math Game. The game is pretty versatile and can be played by a range of students varying in age and developmental level.

 Preparing the Thanksgiving Turkey Math Game

These are the cards for the game.  The turkey side is the front and the number side is the back. Copy the two pages back to back then cut them out.  This creates the deck of cards you need to play the game.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | FREE Thanksgiving Turkey Math Game

(Note: the second 12 has been fixed and changed to a 15 in the download)

Choose which operation you want your students to practice and copy the sheet.  Each child will need their own sheet.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | FREE Thanksgiving Turkey Math Game

(Click on the image to download)

How to Play the Thanksgiving Turkey Math Game

Place the cards in a pile face down.  Player one picks two cards.  He writes one number on the first turkey’s belly, the second number on the second turkey’s belly and the answer on the third belly. Player two then repeats the same steps.  The game is over when all the turkeys are filled.  This game can be played with addition, subtraction or multiplication. Note: When playing with subtraction, be sure the students remember to put the largest number on the first turkey’s belly!

Here is an example:

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | FREE Thanksgiving Turkey Math Game

This game can easily be played with dice instead of the turkey number cards.

Other Games

Once you have created the cards they can be used for a variety of other games as well. Some of the games may require more than one set of cards.

Top-It: Each player gets a stack of cards which they place face down on the table. Each player turns over one card and the player with the higher number takes both cards. You could also play looking for the smaller number.

Traditional Games: Make two sets of the cards and play the traditional game of Old Maid or Go Fish!

Order Up!:  Use the cards to practice putting numbers in order. Give each child cards numbered 0-10 and have them put them in order as quickly as they can.

Order Up! Version 2: Using only one deck of cards, give each child half the deck. The first child puts down one card. The next player picks a card and places it either before or after the number already face up. The next player picks another card and must put that card in the proper place in number order.

(To download this game, please click on the images)



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