Teacher Mama: FREE Games for Making Ten {After School Linky}

FREE Games for Making Ten

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I have been busily creating games to help my students practice making tens which is so important for all other math concepts. Students need to make tens for counting money, telling time, place value and more.  Here are a few basic games for students to practice making tens.

Roll and Cover

Materials: two regular dice, playing board and bingo chips or pennies

Directions: Player One rolls two dice, adds up the two numbers and covers the correct number with a penny or bingo chip on the board. If a number has already been covered, player can add his/her chip or penny to the space. Game continues until all the numbers have been covered. To emphasize making tens, students can keep a tally chart of every time they make a ten.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Roll and Cover

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Roll a Ten

Materials:  11 sided die and one regular die, playing board and pencil/crayon/marker

Note: If you do not have the suggested dice and want to make your own, click here for a printable from Tim Vandevall or use the virtual die that can be found here.

Directions: The first player rolls two multi-sided dice and adds up the two numbers. If the sum of the two numbers equals 10, the player colors in one square next to that fact. If the sum is not 10, the next player takes his/her turn.  Every time a 10 fact is rolled, the players color in the appropriate box next to the fact. Be sure to remind students that 9+1 is the same as 1+9 and is called a turn-around fact.

This game is also great for talking about probability.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Roll a Ten Game

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Stack a Ten

Materials: Paper, markers/crayons/pencil, 11 or 12 sided dice (optional)

Directions: Students can choose a ten fact (i.e. 4+6), color the first “stack” to match the fact (ie 4 reds and 6 blues), then choose another fact and do the same until they board is complete. OR, students can roll two die and if the sum of the two dice equal ten, they color the stack accordingly and write the fact below the stack. For example,  a student rolls a 2 and an 8 and determine the answer is 10, they then color one stack with 2 yellow squares and 8 pink squares and write the fact below the stack. If the sum is not 10, repeat the steps until a 10 is rolled.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Stack a Ten Game

Make a Ten Memory

Materials: Templates, scissors, card stock

Preparation: Print the templates with the rainbow pattern on the back of each set of cards.  Cut them apart.

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Directions: Lay all the cards face down. Players pick two cards at a time trying to make a ten.  If the pair equals ten, the player keeps the cards. If not, he puts them back in the pile and the next player takes a turn.

Note: Click any image to download the free templates.

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Other sample pairs:

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Looking for more FREEBIES from BMTM?  Click the image below:


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