Boy Mama: Five Little Scarecrows Rhyme and Craft

Five Little Scarecrows Rhyme and Craft I have shared quite a few Five Little Rhymes on BMTM over the past few years.  And because of my latest fascination with scarecrows, I have added another one to the collection. Five Little … Continue reading

Teacher Mama: 5 Warm Mittens (an Original Rhyme)

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Five Warm Mittens

5 Warm Mittens I really wanted a mitten rhyme to add to our collection, but wasn’t able to find a “5 Little Mittens” rhyme out there so I made up my own. I call it, “5 Warm Mittens.” Clever, huh? … Continue reading

Teacher Mama: Five Little Dreidels: A Hanukkah Rhyme

Five Little Dreidels Just came across this rhyme for Hanukkah! Making the dreidels is rather simple and they end up so pretty! Materials silver and blue sparkly craft paper dreidel template (from empty cereal box) scissors pencil To Make the … Continue reading

Teacher Mama: 5 Little Snowmen

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | 5 Little Snowmen

5 Little Snowmen I am already thinking about snow. Probably because my eldest asks me everyday, “When is it going to snow?” So, wiith snow on my mind, I thought it was time to share another finger play to go … Continue reading

Teacher Mama: 5 Little Ghosts: Craft and Rhyme

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: 5 Little Ghosts

5 Little Ghosts I thought it was time to add another rhyme to the collection we began in the post, Teacher Mama: Fall Finger Plays (Apples and Pumpkins). And since we are still in Halloween season, Five Little Ghosts, seemed … Continue reading

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Fall Fingerplays

Teacher Mama: Fall Fingerplays (Pumpkins and Apples)

Fall Fingerplays (Apples and Pumpkins) Young children love finger plays and rhymes.  When my eldest was little, I created a dozen or so felt board sets to go with different rhymes.  I wanted my youngest to have the same experience, … Continue reading