Teacher Mama: 5 Warm Mittens (an Original Rhyme)

5 Warm Mittens

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Five Warm Mittens

I really wanted a mitten rhyme to add to our collection, but wasn’t able to find a “5 Little Mittens” rhyme out there so I made up my own. I call it, “5 Warm Mittens.” Clever, huh?

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Five Warm Mittens

5 Warm Mittens

Five warm mittens hanging on the line,

First one said, “We sure look fine.”

Second one said, “It sure is cold.”

Third one said, “I am getting old.”

Fourth one said, “I hear someone near.”

Fifth one said, “Soon we will be warm- there’s nothing to fear!”

Then “pluck” went the mittens and in through the door

and 5 little mittens were hanging no more.

What do you think?

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Five Warm Mittens

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7 thoughts on “Teacher Mama: 5 Warm Mittens (an Original Rhyme)

  1. I likes it but added a mitten.
    The 6th one said “There’s nothing to fear”
    Then “pluck” went the mittens and out the door.
    And 6 little mittens wee hanging no more.
    Going to make it into a flannel board with a fire place

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  3. Waaa, I wrote a whole comment out but it didn’t publish.

    I think I wrote: How do you always get it so right? I noticed this on Pinterest after I heard Miss Possum singing ‘ Three little kittens they lost their mittens’. It couldn’t have come at a better time

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