Teacher Mama: Five Little Dreidels: A Hanukkah Rhyme

Five Little Dreidels

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Five Little Dreidels

Just came across this rhyme for Hanukkah! Making the dreidels is rather simple and they end up so pretty!


  • silver and blue sparkly craft paper
  • dreidel template (from empty cereal box)
  • scissors
  • pencil
To Make the Dreidels 
Create a template from an empty cardboard box.
Trace the dreidel template on the back of the papers. You will need 5 dreidels.
Cut the dreidels out and use them with the following rhyme.
My holders for our 5 Little…Rhymes Series are still on a container ship heading this way so I do not have them to photograph but if you are interested in directions for making them, see our post, Teacher Mama: Fall Fingerplays.

Five Little Dreidels

Five little dreidels spinning in a row,

The first one spun, oh, so slow.

The second one went round and round,

The third one fell down on the ground.

The fourth one spun like a happy top,

The fifth one said, “I’ll never stop!”

Five little dreidels – look and see,

Spinning during Hanukkah for you and me.

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