8+ Ways to Play the I Have… Who Has? Games

8+ Ways to Play the I Have… Who Has? Games



Over the past year or so, I have shared 8+ different I Have. Who Has? Games on BMTM. I have talked about how much my students love them and they are also a fun way to reinforce skills. I decided to put all 8 I Have. Who Has? games together in one post so they are easy to access when you need them.  I hope you find them as helpful and enjoyable as we have!

NOTE: All templates have been redesigned, but content remains the same!

I am… Who Is? A Game for Getting to Know Your Class

Boy Mama Teacher Mama - A Game for Getting to Know Your Class (featured)

I have…Who has? Doubles and Doubles +1

Boy Mama Teacher Mama I have...who has doubles game (featured)

I have…Who has? Tally Marks



I have…Who has? for Counting Coins



I have…Who has? for Time to the Hour and Half-hour


I have…Who has? for Place Value


I have…Who Has? Sight Words



I Have…Who Has? Ten Frame Game


FREE I Have…Who Has? Color Word Game


I Have…Who Has? Number Words Game


What skill would you like to see in an I Have. Who Has Game?

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