FREE I Have… Who Has? Color Words Game

FREE I Have… Who Has? Color Words Game


Anyone who reads our site regularly knows how much I love the I  Have… Who Has? Games.  I have created quite a few different versions and now here is one more and best yet it is FREE!!


If you are unfamiliar with this game, here is how it works:


Print templates on card stock.

Cut out cards.

To Play

Gather your group into a circle and give each player a card.  Make sure he can read the word on his card and recognizes the color as well.

The first player looks at his card and begins with “Who has?” and the color word.  For example, if the  FIRST player had the card on the left, he says, “I have orange. Who has red?”


The player with that color on her card says, “I have red. Who has?” with the color on her card.

Play continues until all players have had a turn and the very last person to go is the person who began the game.

Click HERE to download the FREE templates or visit our TPT Store HERE to download.


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