Teacher Mama: 2 Tally Mark Card Games

2 Tally Mark Card Games



We will be spending a lot of time on tally marks at the beginning of the school year this year.  Tally marks are fun and kids love to use them.  These are two games I created to help my students understand and practice using tally marks.

Tally Mark Memory Game

This games works just like any other memory game. Print out the cards, lay them all face down on the table and try to match the number card with the tally card.


I Have…Who Has? Tally Marks

This is a group game that kids absolutely love and beg for over and over.  Print the templates and cut the cards apart.  Gather the group in a circle and give each child a card. The first player reads the “Who has” aloud to the group. The person with that number of tally marks on his/her card, then reads his/her card beginning with the “I have” portion. The game continues until all players have shared their cards and the first player is also the last.



These games can be found at the following links:

I Have…Who Has? Tally Marks

Tally Mark Memory Game

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