Teacher Mama: Shape Turkey FREE Printable

Shape Turkey FREE Printable

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Shape Turkey FREE Printable (featured)


I created this activity with three things in mind: Thanksgiving, patterns and shapes all of which I am working on with my class.

Creating our Shape Turkeys

First, I gave each student a template of shapes. We identified each shape and reviewed patterns. Each child then colored the shapes they wanted to use for their turkey. The small circles and triangle shown below are for the turkey’s eyes and beak.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  FREE Printable Shape Turkey

 They then cut the shapes out and showed me (or a friend) the pattern they had created. If the pattern was okay, they went on to the next step. If there was a problem with the pattern this was the time to fix it. Here are a few patterns my students created.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  FREE Printable Turkey Shape Turkey 2


Once the pattern was complete, my students colored the turkey’s body anyway they liked. After it was colored, they cut it out and glued their shape pattern “feathers” on their turkey.


Boy Mama Teacher Mama  FREE Printable Shape Turkey 3



These are some of the shape turkeys created by my first graders.

I just love their creativity!!

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  FREE Printable Shape Turkey 4

Click here to download the FREE templates.

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