Boy Mama: Mail Myself to You Valentine’s Activity

Mail Myself to You Valentines Activity 

Boy Mama Teacher Mama: Mail Myself to you Valentine's Project

Mail Myself to You 

Written by Woody Guthrie

Illustrated by Ver Rosenberry

* * * * * * *

I love this book and song so much. It makes me smile every time we read it. My boys like it too. When I sing it to them, they are motionless with all eyes on me. I think there is some magic in it. I always bring this book out around Valentine’s Day because it is perfect when making Valentines for loved ones. 

Here are the words from the book:

To view the complete song lyrics, click Woody Guthrie

To hear the song sung by Pete Seeger, click Mail Myself to You

So a great book and song deserve a great activity, right?


photo of your child
red, pink, purple paper
red string
blue ribbons
“stamps” (full sheet sticker paper)
colored glue (your choice of color)
brown paper (paper bag type)
copy of poem

To Make the Stamps

Download the image.
Print it onto full sheet label paper (you can use regular paper too)
Cut stamps apart and set aside

Valentine’s Day Stamps

Making the Valentine

Take a picture of your child and cut it out.

Glue the picture on a piece of red, pink or purple paper and bubble cut it. (see photo)

Add a Valentine’s Message.

Have your child wrap the photo in paper. We used some extra packing paper the movers left behind, but any tissue paper or wrapping paper will do.

Then have your child tie the package in “red string” and “blue ribbons.” We used white string simply because that is what we had in our house.

Then add stamps and dab with colored glue. For directions for making colored glue, see our post, Boy Mama: Colored Glue from Teach Preschool.

Allow the package to dry

Attach a copy of the poem. Then mail to a family member or friend for Valentine’s Day.
Below is what my youngest worked on while his brother and I made our Valentine.

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