Boy Mama: Simple and Sticky: Colored Glue from Teach Preschool

I love this idea. I loved it from the minute I read about it on Teach Preschool earlier this week.  My youngest is in love with “drippy glue” (as we call it) so this activity was truly perfect for us.

Today while my son was napping, I mixed up the colors. I followed the directions found on the post (DIY Colored Glue) and was once again so happy that we have liquid water colors in our art supply closet. I planned to do this project with my youngest while his brother was at school tomorrow, but when they both saw the colorful bottles sitting on the counter, they begged to do it tonight. So we set up our art station- which is an old sheet on the kitchen floor and two cardboard box lids- and set to work.  My boys loved playing with the glues. For my little one it was all about squeezing the glue bottles and making puddles. At one point he held the glue bottle high above his paper and said, “Look Mama, rainstorm!”  For my eldest, it was all about mixing the colors. He made a puddle of one color, added in another and then mixed them with a toothpick to see what happened.  He used the toothpick to slide the glue across the page which created beautiful patterns and called it “slide painting.”

I think I can safely say that this activity was a hit for both my boys and that I will definitely be back at the store this week to pick up some more “drippy glue” for more fun with colored glue.

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6 thoughts on “Boy Mama: Simple and Sticky: Colored Glue from Teach Preschool

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  2. Another way to make colored glue is to use old (dried up) markers. Crack open the case and take out the marker part. Put that into a white glue bottle and wait a couple days. The color will seep into the glue like magic. Once the kids use it up just add more white glue. I have had my bottles for 4 years and the colors are still wonderful! I have a brown one that looks like chocolate. The kids LOVE to use the color glue.

  3. I just saw this post tonight! I am so glad you tried it and thank you so much for sharing Teach Preschool:) Isn’t it interesting how each age has their own take on the same idea?

  4. Fun Idea! I am most impressed with your simple idea for an art space (sheet on the kitchen floor). We have a giant art table, but I still think that being on the floor making it art a whole body experience is the best thing of all. We’ll have to try that!

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