Teacher Mama: Groundhog Day Book

Groundhog Day Book

Every year Groundhog Day sneaks up on me and I am not prepared. Well, this year I am ready!  This year, I have made a book that combines information about groundhogs and the “holiday.”  Here is a sneak peek at the book.

Oh, and I created the groundhog myself– so proud. 🙂

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Groundhog Day

It is a simple book of 12 pages that can be printed and stapled along the middle. There are a few highlighted vocabulary words for discussion as well as loads of facts about the groundhog.  And the final page asks the open ended questions, “What do you think? Would you like the groundhog to see its shadow or not?”

If you would like more information or to purchase, click the following link.

Groundhog Day Book from Boy Mama Teacher Mama

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