Teacher Mama: FREE Rainbow Slide Letter Sorting Game {After School Linky}

FREE Rainbow Slide Letter Sorting Game Was in the mood to create a new St. Patrick’s Day Springy game for you all.  Here is what I came up with. This is a fun game that asks students to practice sorting … Continue reading 

Teacher Mama: Mixed Short Vowel Games {After School Linky)

Mixed Short Vowel Games These games are created to help students practice their short vowel sounds. The first game practices just short o, a and i and the second game adds in short u. Both games work well with Words … Continue reading 

Teacher Mama: FREE How Do You Make Hot Cocoa? Writing Prompt

FREE How Do You Make Hot Cocoa? Writing Prompt I was inspired by the hot chocolate my mom brought me from Starbucks. I thought it would be fun to have my students write the steps for making hot cocoa.  I … Continue reading 

Teacher Mama: Simple Space Words Book {After School Linky}

Simple Space Words Book We recently began our space unit with our first graders.  There is so much to know and the information is constantly changing.  We wanted to give our first graders some background knowledge before beginning the study. … Continue reading 

Teacher Mama: Consonant Blends Bingo (pr, br, tr, dr) {After School Linky}

Consonant Blends Bingo (pr, br, tr, dr)   We use Words Their Way Spelling program at the school where I teach. I really like the program and find it very effective. I do not love the games that come with … Continue reading 

Teacher Mama: Letter Sound Bingo Game {After School Linky}

Letter Sound Bingo Game The is the second game I created as a request by some colleagues. This game is your basic bingo game that helps students practice matching letters and letter sounds. Be sure to check out our first … Continue reading 

Teacher Mama: Letter Sound Wheels {After School Linky)

Letter Sound Wheels I love taking requests for new products. A few of my co-workers were looking for games to practice letters sounds. I created 3 different games for them. Here is the first. Preparation Print templates on card stock … Continue reading 

Teacher Mama: Letter Sounds Dominoes {After School Linky}

Letter Sounds Dominoes This is the third letter sound game I created on request from some colleagues. I love making domino games. They are a challenge to make, but so much fun to play. Materials templates card stock scissors Preparation … Continue reading 

Teacher Mama: Using a Touchy Feely Box for Coin Identification {After School Linky}

Using a Touchy Feely Box for Coin Identification This is by no means my idea. I have heard of it and seen it used in a variety of settings and finally I created my own. Using a Touchy Feel Box is … Continue reading