Create and Play Short Vowel Game

Create and Play Short Vowel Game


I am always looking for new and different ways to teach, reteach and solidify short vowels sounds in my students.  Recently, I created these short vowel friends and introduced them to my class. They love them and they are really helping them connect to and remember the short vowel sounds.


So as we “met” all our short vowel friends, we created a game to go along with it.  This game was created in class and students then took it home to play with their families. Here’s how it works:


Print templates including a game board for each student


short vowel pictures paper


and game cards.


Creating the Game

We completed our game board over a week. We added each short vowel sound after “meeting” our short vowel friend and doing a few activities with that letter sound. We then, added the corresponding short vowel pictures onto the game board.


Give each student a section of the short vowel picture paper.  Review the short vowel sound and tell them what each picture is.


Have each student cut out 5-6 of the 7 pictures on the paper and glue them to the game board.


Repeat these steps until all short vowel pictures have been added to the board.  There should not be any blank spaces left.

Have students cut out the playing cards.


How to Play

Give each child a playing piece (or have them make their own!)

Stack the cards on the table top.

The first player  picks a card, identifies the short vowel sound on the card and then moves the playing piece to the first picture that has with that short vowel sound.

Play continues this way until someone reaches the end or the allotted time is over.

Ready for a challenge?? Have students make up new rules for their game!


This game is available at the following link:


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