Halloween Writing Activities for the Classroom or Homeschool

Halloween Writing Activities


There is no doubt about it- Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday and it is not because of the costumes or trick-or-treating. It is about the colors, the season and the fun.  Many teachers are not allowed to celebrate Halloween in the classroom, but as a teacher, I was fortunate enough to be able to do so. I was also one of those teachers that wasn’t going to make it all fun and games- there was learning to be done!  Here are some of my favorite Halloween writing activities.

How to Carve a Pumpkin 

My students loved this one and it always was good for a few laughs. 🙂

Print the two-sided template for each student.

As a class brainstorm and record pumpkin carving vocabulary such as cut, carve, hole, knife and hollow etc.

Also brainstorm and record a list of parts of the pumpkin such as skin, ribs, cavity, pulp and  brains (fibrous strands) etc. See our post, Boy Mama: What’s Inside My Pumpkin for this information.

Then ask them describe how to carve a pumpkin using the prompts, “first,” “then,” next,” and “finally.”

On the reverse side, have each student draw a picture of what their pumpkin would look like once carved.

Note: Allow children to draw or write first- which ever works best for them. For boys, it is often better to have them DRAW first to help them organize their thoughts before writing.


Silly Halloween Sentences

This is a fun writing lessons that teaches students about using nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Print and cut the templates (1 set per team or pairs)


Using 3 bags, label one “NOUNS,” one “VERBS” and one “ADJECTIVES.” Use Halloween bags or decorate them as you wish.


Boy Mama Teacher Mama | 4 Halloween Writing Activities

Place the words into the corresponding bags (nouns go in the noun bag etc). Note: I colored coded the words with a dot in the corner so that they can easily be returned to the appropriate bags.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | 4 Halloween Writing Activities

Divide students into pairs or teams.

Give each pair or team a set of bags and a template.

Have the members choose one word from each bag and write a silly Halloween sentence using their chosen words on the template.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | 4 Halloween Writing Activities

When all sentences are done, have the students illustrate each page.


Then cut the template and staple into book form.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama | 4 Halloween Writing Activities

What Will You Be?

 Have students write about their chosen Halloween costume. Ask them to describe what it will look like.


h 3 writing

What’s in Your Bag?

Kids love writing about what kinds of treats they hope to get in their trick-or-treat bags! Before beginning this writing activity, brainstorm and record some names of treats they might get while trick-or-treating.


h writing 1

h writing 2

Also included: Halloween Roll and Write Game, Halloween Writing Paper and a Halloween Word Search.

Templates available at the following link: 

Halloween Writing Activities

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