I Have. Who Has? Ten Frame Game

I Have. Who Has? Ten Frame Game


I LOVE these I Have… Who Has? Games and kids love them too.  I have a collection of them in my classroom and they are a favorite way to start the day.  My newest version is I Have. Who Has? Ten Frames.

How to Play

First print and cut the cards. I use card stock for durability.

Have students sit in a circle.

Distribute cards to each student. If you have more cards than kids, allow some to have two cards.


Chose one student to begin by saying just the “who has?” part of his card. In the example above, the FIRST student would say, “Who has 19?”

The person with the corresponding card says, “I have 19. Who has ___?” (counts the number depicted by the ten frames)


The game continues like this until the person who began the game, ends it.

This game is available at the following link:

I Have. Who Has? Ten Frame Game

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