FREE Halloween Tally Mark Memory Game

FREE Halloween Tally Mark Memory Game


I love having freebies available for the Halloween season! This year, I created a Halloween themed Tally Mark Memory Game. I played it with my firsties today and they loved it!

I am bummed that I don’t yet have pictures of the game in action, but as soon as I do, I will post them!  For now, use your imagination, download and enjoy!!



Print the templates.  Print the orange witches hat background on the back of the number cards and the purple witch hat background on the back of the tally cards.

Cut the cards apart and shuffle.

Place all the cards face down on the table.

Students pick one orange and one purple card at a time trying to make a match. When a match is found, the student removes the pair from the table.


Continue play until all pairs have been made.

Click HERE to download a FREE copy of the game.

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