Book Mama: Books About Clouds {After School Linky}

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Books about Clouds I was introduced to the book, Cloudette, by my son’s preschool teacher and was immediately smitten.  My son (3) loves it too. We have read it over and over and each time he is just as excited … Continue reading 

Boy Mama: Spiderman Goodie Bags

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Spiderman Goodie Bags Materials empty cardboard box scissors glue black and white poster board (or other paper) red paper bags Directions After gathering the above materials, find a Spiderman mask image on the internet.  The mask image I found was … Continue reading 

Boy Mama: Summertime Crafts and Learning Activities {After School Linky}

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Summertime Crafts and Learning Activities This is a collection of some of BMTM’s favorite summertime crafts and activities.  Click the link for each idea to take you to the post. Hope you find something you like! SUMMERTIME CRAFTS Dome Lid … Continue reading 

Boy Mama: Parking Garage Learning Lot {After School Linky}

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Learning Lot Parking Garage  I loved this parking garage idea from Lilla a and wanted to create one for my youngest.  I have seen other similar ideas over the years, but this is my first attempt at this version.  We did make … Continue reading