Facts to 10: A Dog Named Ten

Facts to 10: A Dog Named Ten

Okay, I have fallen in love– with a video. We just started talking about facts to 10 in our first grade class and when searching for a good video to help my students, I came across this video? My Dog Ten by Mr. R’s Songs for Teaching.  It is a perfect way for my students to understand the ways to make ten with a cute dog and a catchy song.

The dog, named Ten, “only eats things that add to ten. He only likes things with the sum of 10.” When Ten’s owners give him 4 dog treats, he refuses to eat them until his owner gives him 6 more treats (4+6=10) The song/video continues with the same pattern until it has covered all the facts to ten.  I showed this to my first graders and they were mesmerized! I have shown it every morning since and they still love it just as much as the first time.

I knew I had to capitalize on my students love this video and make some teaching materials to go with it.  I started with them today and they were a hit! Check them out!

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Anchor Charts

First, I made these anchor charts for the class to refer to when talking about facts to ten. I also made them smaller and taped them to my students desks.


Facts to 10: Large Bones

Next on my list was to create Facts to 10 Bones to use with the class. I hold up a bone and the kids have to give me a thumbs  if it is a sum of 10 and Ten will eat it or a thumbs up down if it not a sum to ten and he will not eat it.

I then took it one step further and made a dog bowl and a box for the Facts to 10 bones.  When a fact adds to ten it goes in the dog bowl, if not it goes back in the box.

Student Activities

Students “fill” Ten’s dog bowl with facts to ten.

Student can create their own dog food bowl for Ten and then practice with these smaller sized bone facts like we did as a class.


Class Pet: Ten, the Dog

Here is our class pet, Ten the Dog. Ten hangs out with us in class to help us remember our facts to ten. He even has a name tag in case he gets lost!




Other activities for facts to ten:














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  1. Thank you for creating and sharing your Inauguration Day Word Search. I was able to make an entire lesson from all of the great words you included. Thank you!

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