Scarecrow Crunch Recipe and Graphing Activity

Scarecrow Crunch and Graphing Activity

I continue to love reading scarecrow stories in the fall and doing activities to go with them.  I discovered a few new scarecrow stories since my post Scarecrow Stories. I also created some new activities that I did with my firsties last week and they were a big hit!

Scarecrow Crunch

We began with Scarecrow Crunch which I prepared it the night before.

Before eating the Scarecrow Crunch, I had my students separate the different ingredients into piles to prepare for the graphing activity.

The students then graphed how many piece of each ingredient they had in their serving.

After the graphing was done, students analyzed their graphs and completed an activity page to go with it.

Finally, my students got to create their own Scarecrow Crunch recipes! Don’t they look delicious??

This product is available HERE for purchase.


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