Math Fact Practice Parent Note

Math Fact Practice at Home

Once again it has been an awfully long time since I posted. So much has happened since my last post and well, COVID, didn’t help. I am hoping to be back on the posting track now!

I am still teaching first grade. I started my 21st year of teaching last month. Our school is pushing math fact practice (addition to ten) this year. I also have two new teaching partners and we are trying to establish some good math fact practice routines at home for our students.  

Each week we send home a math game that coordinates with the math concepts we are working on in class. This week, we are starting our Addition Facts to 10 (Math in Focus) and have decided to send home flashcards as well.  We started with the 0 facts since they are easy and can help build confidence and easily help set the groundwork for daily practice.  We are using these flashcards. They are cute and colorful which is always helpful. We send home one set a week and each set comes with a cover for that set. Math facts for to +15 for those kids that need a challenge. 

Addition Flash Cards

In addition to flashcards, there are so many other ways to practice facts as well. Here is a parent note I wrote to send home with my students on Monday with 10+ other ways to practice at home–and with minimal prep. If you would like a copy for use in your own classroom, click here to download.

I am excited to see how this plays out. What is your favorite way to practice math facts?


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2 thoughts on “Math Fact Practice Parent Note

  1. Hi Stephanie, I really appreciate this parent note about math fact practice. It’s so important to help our kids master the basic facts and build their confidence and fluency in math. I like how you suggested different ways to practice at home, such as flashcards, games, apps and websites. I also agree that it’s better to focus on one operation at a time and review the previous ones regularly. Thank you for this helpful resource!

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