Covid in the Classroom Safety Posters

COVID in the Classroom Safety Posters

It’s on my mind already! We JUST finished up the school year and I am already thinking about how I am going to prepare my classes and teach in the fall with all the guidelines set in place. I am stocking up on masks as we speak.  I knew I wanted some visual reminders for the walls in my classroom so I created these COVID in the classroom posters. There are some for the littler kids and some for upper elementary. The words are the same, the only difference is the images.  I have passed them around to my colleagues at school and I am hoping others will use them as well!


These posters are available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Please click the name of the product to check them out.

COVID in the classroom posters included are:

Stay Safe/Stay Healthy (multiple versions)

Wear a Mask

Use Only Your Own Supplies/Don’t Share Supplies (2 versions)

Wash Your Hands Often

Cover Your Sneezes and Coughs

Stay 6 Feet Apart

Classroom Safety Posters for COVID (younger version)


Classroom Safety Posters for COVID (older version)

What measures are you taking to protect yourself and your students next year?


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