Teacher Mama: Creating a Calendar Scroll

 Creating a Calendar Scroll

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Creating a Calendar Scroll

My genius teaching partner came up with this idea and I simply made the papers to go with it. We are teaching our students about time and calendars right now and many are struggling with the idea that one month flows into another and does not simply start over again with Sunday. She wanted a way to have them SEE how the months fit together and came up with this idea.  I, of course, loved the idea and set right to work creating the strips to make it happen.





colored pencils or crayons


Creating the Calendar Scroll Strips:

Print enough templates for each student (enough for 52 weeks).

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Calendar Strips

Decide where you are going to start. We started at the beginning of this year which was Wednesday, January 1, 2014. Have students find the correct day of the week,  put the number 1 and the name of the month (January) in the box. Then have them number to 31 and stop.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Calendar Strip 2

 Once the month is completely numbered, have the students color the whole month one color. Be sure they do not color in the space below the boxes. That space is for later.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Calendar Strip 3.jpg

Here is what two complete months would look like:

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Calendar Strip.jpg

After completing the first two months, students cut out the strips and glue them together.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Calendar Strips 8.jpg

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Calendar Strip 4.jpg

The calendar scroll becomes quite long as you can imagine and the longer it gets, the more the first graders like it!

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Calendar Strip 9.jpg

To help a bit with keeping the calendars managable, we glued them onto 1/2 of a toilet paper tube. This made rolling them up and storing them much easier!

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Calendar Strips

The final step was to add the seasons. The white strip that runs the length of the entire calendar is for the seasons. As a class, we “researched” when the beginning and ending of each season is for 2014.  We then took our calendars outside, laid them out on the ground and worked in partners to mark the beginning and ending dates for each season on the calendars and to color them appropriately.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama  Calendar Strips.jpg

Our calendars were then done and ready to take home. Suggestion for next year? I plan to create our calendar scroll throughout the months. Each month when we create our first grade calendar, the students will add the same month to their scroll. This way it won’t be such a big undertaking a one time and the discussions will be more timely.

This calendar strips activity is available at the following link:

Creating a Calendar Scroll from BMTM

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